WhyGreetings and welcome to my blog. Perhaps the most pertinent question is, “Why are you writing this? Aren’t there enough blogs?” Valid question.
I’m creating this journal to share my thoughts and those of others I admire on the value of leading in a more accessible and passionate way. I want to talk about the ideas, the energy, the “fire” we can find in connecting and sharing one-on-one with individuals everywhere in our companies. And, I want to talk about the value in leading one “whole life,” where personal and executive responsibilities are woven together throughout the day. It’s going to happen anyway – so you might as well have a plan.

There are plenty of how-to resources for people coming up in the ranks. What I want to do here is tip the chessboard over and create thought-provoking, “whole life leadership” concepts for executives who want to lead in a more connected, inspired way.
As a leader, you have a decision of a high order to make every day. Will you compartmentalize yourself, your roles and your company to mitigate risk? Or are you eager to step forward to embrace all the opportunities out there? Tactics and short-term measures will try to hold you down. Your vision, fueled by insights from people across your company, will elevate you to lead in a better way.

I want to talk about approachability, listening and the energy of diverse thinking, about purpose, adaptation and utilizing the energy of our fears. The big question is, “How can I be myself?” The answer is, it’s the only way.

Most of us, employees and stakeholders alike, assume the men and women in the C-suite have the answers. Top executives may encourage collaboration among others but may not know how to gather ideas themselves. Some of us do not move among our employees often enough to see things in new ways. Many of us are afraid to do things with our hearts as well as our minds. I’ve found openness creates access to new information you need – and answers you can believe in.

In this journal, you can expect straight talk about getting out there, being available and maintaining an open mind. You’ll see how people can produce their best together and find the courage to incorporate new ideas. I won’t be afraid to broach sensitive workplace subjects. I plan to highlight the actions of leaders I admire. We’ll look at how leaders can open themselves, their people and their companies to new ideas and move forward together.